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2.0mm Keratome Ophthalmic Knife

2.0mm Keratome Ophthalmic Knife

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Keratome Ophthalmic Knives :.


  • Single Bevel / Double Bevel / Depth Indicator / Safety Model Knife
  • For Entry into Anterior Chamber
  • Angled / 45 Degree / Bevel Up (Pointed Tip) / 19G
  • Keratome Ophthalmic Blades / Slit Ophthalmic Blades


Available in Various Sizes :


Product No. Description
M901261 1.2mm
M901461 1.4mm
M901661 1.6mm
M901861 1.8mm
M902061 2.0mm
M902261 2.2mm
M902461 2.4mm
M902561 2.5mm
M902661 2.6mm
M902661 2.65mm
M902761 2.75mm
M902861 2.8mm
M902961 3.0mm
M903261 3.2mm
M903561 3.5mm



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